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Hi I’m Katie, a Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher

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I work with women  from midlife and beyond.  From the transition at perimenopause and onwards , I support you with your health as you age both physically and mentally and help you to get back your mid life mojo.

I use nutritional and lifestyle medicine to  focus on bringing you back to a healthy place,  where you can start to feel yourself again, benefit from increased energy,  more clarity , improved mood,  and  finding more balance. At this transitional time of life as women, we often carry a heavy mental load, which can be challenging: looking after children , partners, ageing parents , balancing work and home commitments and it can sometimes feel overwhelming.We often don't create enough time for ourselves.

I can work with you to help you become a healthier , happier and more balanced version of you.  Do give me call to see how I may be able to support you

Become the best
of yourself


Navigating perimenopause/menopause symptoms and hormone imbalance

Manage stress and anxiety

Balance mood fluctuations

Sleep support

Digestive and gut health niggles

Weight management

Autoimmune conditions

Skin troubles

Thyroid imbalance

…and many of the other health issues that can come and ‘knock on our door’ so to speak at this time of life! I work  alongside my 1:1 clients on a programme basis,  as the above health issues are rarely a quick fix and it ensures I can give you the support you need over an agreed period of time. See programme details for overview of support included.

Yoga with Katie

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I am a qualified Yoga Teacher having completed my 200hr qualification and Yoga Alliance Certification.

I  provide gentle flow yoga classes and 1:1 sessions for women going through this transitional time and to support us as we age. Yoga is well known to be such a supportive practice as we age for building bone and muscle strength but also to provide calm, helping us to manage stress & anxiety and to balance our bodies and minds. Having practiced yoga myself for over 20 years to help manage stress during my corporate career, my pregnancy and throughout my own menopause, I'm passionate about passing on the gift of yoga to other women at this time of life. I believe it's a game changer to bring tranquillity and calm into women’s busy lives.I also incorporate essential oils, breathwork and meditation into my classes. I run group classes in my local area and 1:1 private sessions too. See my Yoga page for more details.


I run group Gentle Yoga Vinyasa Flow classes and also offer 1:1 Yoga sessions tailored to individual needs.


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"Katie is an incredible Naturopathic Nutritionist with a profound knowledge of nutrition"

Aurelia . International Organic Buyer

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