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Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦


"Katie is an incredible Naturopathic Nutritionist with a profound knowledge of nutrition"

"Her ability to explain complex matters with ease is truly impressive. Katie speaks passionately, especially about mushrooms , making her a valuable source of information and inspiration."


"I cannot thank Katie enough for her professional support"

"Her deep knowledge and wisdom as I navigate my way through a challenging menopausal journey. Her nutritional advice, clear understanding and empathy have enabled me to discover a healthier, happier version of myself….. eternally grateful for sharing your incredible knowledge and lifestyle habits - it’s nice to have the “old me” back!"


"I can't recommend Katie more highly as a Nutritional Therapist"

"Her knowledge on gut health is vast and over the last few months she has given me so much support and the toolkit to positively manage my own health journey. Thank you Katie for your wisdom and warm approach."


''Katie is a Nutritional Therapist with passion'' 

 She lives out her beliefs with enthusiasm and a healthy element of realistic balance, rather than perfection. She therefore has the empathetic ability to guide and advise her clients on how to improve their health and wellbeing. Her broad range of knowledge and skills means that she can guide on nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and movement. In her consultations, she can identify imbalances that a client can easily tweak to bring balance back into their lives, while also having to the knowledge to support more challenging health concerns that need a deeper therapeutic approach


"Thank you Katie!"

"I've come to Katie on numerous occasions for advice on supplements. She's friendly, professional and hugely knowledgeable in the field. She has made a number of suggestions for me and I feel my health has hugely benefitted."


"Katie is a fantastic nutritionist and educator"

"Katie is a fantastic nutritionist and educator with a wealth of knowledge that she breaks down into easily digestible information for transformative change and achievable health goals. She is my “go to” for nutrition supplementation advice, just recently recommending me an excellent collagen brand for healthy ageing and an all in one superfood powder for optimum nutritional support. I highly recommend Katie as a health practitioner who really walks the talk."


"Her passion for all things wellbeing is infectious"

"Katie is a very competent practitioner with a wealth of knowledge. Her passion for all things wellbeing is infectious and I would certainly recommend her to everyone that I know."


" She's a fountain of nutritional knowledge"

"We have learnt so much from Katie at all our training sessions and each time our knowledge has increased exponentially. She is super professional and a fountain of nutritional knowledge.  It is rare to meet someone so well trained over a range of disciplines who can explain many scenarios so clearly so that we can impart this information to customers and clients to help them get the best possible advice. I'd highly recommend her to anyone seeking out good nutritional advice for any condition or concern"


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