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Welcome to Second Spring Nutrition and Yoga

Updated: Feb 12

Find your Mid-Life 'Mojo' and be the best version of yourself

Hi I'm Katie, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher specialising in working with women from mid-life and beyond. From the transition at perimenopause and onwards, I support you with your health both physically and mentally as you age and help you to get back your mid life 'mojo'.

Mid-life is often a time when we are juggling changing hormones, home and work life and are supporting children, partners and caring for elderly relatives too and often find we can become overwhelmed and lacking in time for ourselves.

'Second Spring' is referred to in Chinese Medicine as a time in a women's life which represents the renewal of energy and opportunities as there is a shift from fertility and reproduction to conserving and nourishing the self. So a positive time and a natural stage of life when a woman can start to think about herself and her health and wellbeing. I hope you like my 'tree of life' / fruit and veg logo :)

Prioritising stress levels and 'you time' is so important at this time of life. By focusing on your diet and lifestyle in combination it can really help to manage both your physical and mental health. In research , Yoga has been proven to be so supportive for both and I am a strong believer that everyone should be able to benefit from the wonder of Yoga whether in a class environment, in a 1:1 private session or at home. Good nutrition is also key obviously as a poor diet can really exacerbate any hormonal symptoms and negatively impact your mood and wellbeing.

I'd love to help you back on your journey to your best. If you would like to find out how to get started, you can book a free 15 minute discovery call for a chat about how I may be able to support you. If you are interested in my Yoga Classes or 1:1 Yoga private sessions, please see details on my Yoga page on my website.

Please do follow me on Instagram and Facebook for recipes, meal ideas , general nutrition tips as well as yoga inspiration with little short and sweet routines that you can fit into your life.

Do join my Nutrition and Yoga community by downloading my free ebook on 'Happy Hormones' at the bottom of my home page where you can subscribe to my free newsletter.


Katie x

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